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Being eco-friendly is more than just what we put in our bodies, but also where our food comes from. It is clear that our fast-paced lifestyles are not always the safest for the planet we all call home. We produce tons and tons of waste every year, sometimes beyond our own control. However, it helps to be eco-friendly in the areas we can control like recycling to lower our carbon footprints. Although it may sound impossible, this blog is here to tell just how easy it is to be eco-friendly! Don’t worry, this blog isn’t here to tell you how to live your life. We just believe there are a few things our readers should know – specifically about how what we eat affects the world we all live in.


Cardboard Shreds: Benefits + Uses

If you’ve ever ordered products from us, you may have noticed we use cardboard shreds to package our goods. We stay away from styrofoam packing materials because we understand how detrimental styrofoam can be to our bodies and the environment. We strive to be a clean and green company for our employees, our environment, and you! Before… Continue reading →

Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a serious issue that’s becoming more of a topic these days. Our carbon footprint is measured by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are released onto our environment. When there is an increase in greenhouse emissions, climate change comes into play. Climate change has led us to global warming. If we… Continue reading →

Food Trends 2020

At the start of every new year, we strive to improve ourselves with resolutions and new opportunities. We aim to eat healthier, get into more sustainable habits, and be a bit more adventurous when it comes to food. Here are a few food trends that will be definitely changing the way we eat and drink… Continue reading →

What exactly is “grass-fed” beef?

Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and we hope you’re ready to tackle 2020! We’re thrilled to share all the new content that we have planned. Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to stay updated. Now that we have all that covered, let’s move into today’s topic of… Continue reading →

Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis

There is a major plastic crisis that is happening throughout our oceans at the moment. Every year, we continue to produce billions of pounds of plastic and it’s being dispersed into our oceans. The Ocean Blue Project estimates that there are over 8 million metric tons of plastic that enter our ocean every year. Killing… Continue reading →

Eating Organically on a Budget

As much as we’d all like to eat healthy and organically, we understand how expensive it can be. Foods that are organic are often higher in price than foods that aren’t. However, there are ways to overcome price points and still eat healthy. Eating organically on a budget is possible! Before we go over our… Continue reading →

9 Reasons To Go Natural And Organic

Food additives are used everywhere! They’re used to “enhance” the products we consume, but sometimes they replace nutritional value for a cheap and quick fix in flavor and shelf life at the expense of our health. The FDA has labeled these as safe, but not without backlash or concerns from many people, including the scientific… Continue reading →

Vanilla – We’re Spilling The Beans

While vanilla may seem pretty vanilla to some people, vanilla to us is one of the most important culinary flavors of them all. Second only to saffron as the world’s most desired flavors, vanilla is rich and luxurious in nature with a flavor that varies significantly from one region to the next. The main varieties of vanilla beans… Continue reading →

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You see, learning how to be a little more eco-friendly is not impossible! In fact, it can be quite easy! Small changes make a BIG difference and help our little planet we all call home. Whether you switch to grass-fed meat or make the change to non-dairy milk, you are making a difference that will impact the rest of the world! Now, that’s pretty powerful and don’t you sound like a superhero?! You can start being a superhero TODAY with some easy eco-friendly changes like donating your old clothes and switching to a reusable water bottle.  All of these small changes can happen today, and before you know it, you’ll be leaving a smaller carbon footprint for the rest of us to follow! Go on and be super for you and the planet! Love this? Visit our Natural Benefits page to learn about how nature and all its elements can benefit our bodies.

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