At Nature’s Flavors, we preach and PREACH about our all-natural and organic products for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. It simply would not be right to preach about a healthy lifestyle and never explain how it is possible. That would be unhelpful and here at Nature’s Flavors we thrive on helping others. So, this Lifestyle section was created to give answers, how-to’s, tips and tricks for our readers aspiring to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Not only do we discuss our products in these posts but we also share great information we believe our readers should know! Go ahead and scroll. You’ll find tips on how to be more eco-friendly so you and everyone can enjoy a better world. And learn about the natural wonders of an all-natural life. So, if you want to act, live, and be natural we’ll show you how!


cardboard shreds: BENEFITS + USES

If you’ve ever ordered products from us, you may have noticed we use cardboard shreds to package our goods. We stay away from styrofoam packing materials because we understand how detrimental styrofoam can be to our bodies and the environment. We strive to be a clean and green company for our employees, our environment, and you! Before… Continue reading →

Vanilla Coffee Lotion Bars

Who has two thumbs and hates a heatwave? ALL OF US! The heat at the moment is unbearable and it causes profuse sweating on our face, which attracts pollutants in the air, germs, and other horrible microscopic things just like a magnet. The dirt and grime clog our pores which means… you guessed… acne for… Continue reading →

Buddha’s Hand – Citrus Fruit

What is it and what does it taste like? You may be wondering what the heck you’re looking at. What exactly is it and why does it look like it has fingers!? This here folks, is Buddha’s Hand, a citrus fruit! Buddha’s hand is from the citron family and they often look like small distorted… Continue reading →

Benefits of Sesame Oil + DIY Hair Mask

What is Sesame Oil? Sesame oil is derived from the drought resistant crop that’s been India’s staple oilseed since 800 BC. You read that right folks! Sesame oil has been around for thousands of years. The oil is extracted from sesame seeds, a long and meticulous process. The crop is usually cut by hand and… Continue reading →

Rambutan – An Exotic Fruit

What is it? This spiky red skinned fruit is a Rambutan! It is an exotic fruit that’s native to Southeast Asia. It grows in clusters and in trees that can reach up to 80 feet! Crazy right? The rambutan fruit thrives best under tropical environments like Indonesia and Malaysia. Its name is derived from the… Continue reading →

Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a serious issue that’s becoming more of a topic these days. Our carbon footprint is measured by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are released onto our environment. When there is an increase in greenhouse emissions, climate change comes into play. Climate change has led us to global warming. If we… Continue reading →

What Are The Healthiest Milk Alternatives?

Do you love milk but can’t consume it due to dietary restrictions? Here is a rundown of the key points of the most popular non-dairy milk alternatives. Based on your needs and preferences, you can decide for yourself which milk alternatives will best suit your healthy lifestyle. How are milk alternatives made? Most non-dairy milk… Continue reading →

Food Trends 2020

At the start of every new year, we strive to improve ourselves with resolutions and new opportunities. We aim to eat healthier, get into more sustainable habits, and be a bit more adventurous when it comes to food. Here are a few food trends that will be definitely changing the way we eat and drink… Continue reading →

Avocados & Your Health

Did you know that an avocado is considered a nutrient-dense fruit and not a vegetable? We know, crazy huh! It’s considered a fruit because avocados meet all the botanical criteria for a berry. It contains delicious flesh and a seed right in its core. Avocados are not only delicious, but they’re absolutely amazing for your… Continue reading →

Lavender Oil + Your Skin

Origins of lavender The lavender plant comes from the mint family and its been used for over 2,500 years! Many ancient civilizations, like the egyptians, used lavender for perfume and in their mummification process. Lavender grows and is harvested in places like Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean region, and India.… Continue reading →

What is Matcha Tea?

What exactly is matcha? So what is matcha tea? Just like green tea, matcha originates from the Camellia sinesis plant. Even though it comes from the same family, it is grown and harvested in a different way. Matcha is made by taking the tea leaves and transforming the leaves into a powdered form. The matcha… Continue reading →

What exactly is “grass-fed” beef?

Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and we hope you’re ready to tackle 2020! We’re thrilled to share all the new content that we have planned. Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our blog to stay updated. Now that we have all that covered, let’s move into today’s topic of… Continue reading →

Green Tea – Facts vs. Myths

Green tea and it’s health benefits have been discussed for many years. Research and theories are constantly surfacing so we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths of green tea and reveal the hard cold truths! Claim #1: Helps with blood sugar levels The truth: Ample amounts of research have shown that green… Continue reading →

Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis

There is a major plastic crisis that is happening throughout our oceans at the moment. Every year, we continue to produce billions of pounds of plastic and it’s being dispersed into our oceans. The Ocean Blue Project estimates that there are over 8 million metric tons of plastic that enter our ocean every year. Killing… Continue reading →

Eating Organically on a Budget

As much as we’d all like to eat healthy and organically, we understand how expensive it can be. Foods that are organic are often higher in price than foods that aren’t. However, there are ways to overcome price points and still eat healthy. Eating organically on a budget is possible! Before we go over our… Continue reading →

5 Health Benefits of Dates

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today we’ll be discussing dates and their wholesome benefits for our bodies. However, we know a few of you may be thinking about the act of dating but that’s not our topic today! We’re exploring dates, the fruit instead. We try to inform our customers on the importance of healthy and nutritious… Continue reading →

Benefits of Sage

Benefits of Sage

What is sage? Sage, also known as common sage or garden sage, is a common herb that belongs to the mint family. It’s native home is throughout Mediterranean regions however, sage grows best throughout shrub-land biomes. The herb has a very strong scent and an earthy flavor. Your health can improve from sage due to… Continue reading →

Brighten your Health with Beets

Brighten your Health with Beets

Beets aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, some people love them and there are others who hate them. They’re harshly judged by their dirty exteriors but beets contain many valuable and nutritious elements. Even though there are various types of beets, the reddish-purple ones are the most common amongst them all. Their prime season runs… Continue reading →

5 Foods - Boost your Immune System

5 Foods – Boost your Immune System

Happy Wellness Wednesday friends! With coughs and sneezes from the flu in the air, it’s crucial we discuss different ways to boost our immune system! Although, there have been minimal reportings of fatalities due to the flu, experts theorize that the 2020 flu season will pick up its pace. There are different ways to prepare… Continue reading →

What exactly is SweetenFX Sugar?

Happy hump day everyone! It’s Wellness Wednesday today and we’re here with an article that focuses on our Organic SweetenFx Sugar-free Sugar. If you’re a regular on our blog, you may have noticed that we use a lot of SweetenFX sugar throughout our recipes. Even though we link it on most recipes, we’ve never actually… Continue reading →

5 Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

5 Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

What exactly is Aloe Vera? The Aloe Vera plant is a part of the succulent family and has over 400 species! It’s native to Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Canary Islands but it’s grown in tropical climates worldwide. The leaves of the aloe vera plant are used more often than the flower itself. The… Continue reading →

5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been around for quite some time but it seems that it has become more popular throughout the past decades. It’s distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant that is found to only grow naturally in Australia. There are many benefits that come from it, it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral,… Continue reading →

The Golden Fruit: Acai Berries

What is an acai berry? Acai berries, pronounced – (ah-sigh-ee), are fruits that grow in subtropic areas of the world like Central and South America. These berries are often described as having an earthy taste. A cross between unsweetened chocolate and blackberries. Although they ‘re called acai ‘berries’, these ‘berries’ have a pit. They’re technically… Continue reading →

3 Things To Eliminate From Your Kitchen

FOOD DYES More and more, we’re hearing about the negative effects of artificial food dyes found in processed foods. And, while we may hear about it on the regular, we’re not always sure exactly why. Somewhere along the line, we were told that it was okay for crackers to be bright orange, for sodas to be neon… Continue reading →

All About Curry Flavor

Whether you’re using the actual leaf of the curry plant, have a jar of curry powder in your spice cabinet at this very moment, or plan on ordering a thoughtfully composed curry and rice dish at a local restaurant this weekend, the definition of what curry actually is can be a little obscure to say… Continue reading →

9 Reasons To Go Natural And Organic

Food additives are used everywhere! They’re used to “enhance” the products we consume, but sometimes they replace nutritional value for a cheap and quick fix in flavor and shelf life at the expense of our health. The FDA has labeled these as safe, but not without backlash or concerns from many people, including the scientific… Continue reading →

Vanilla – We’re Spilling The Beans

While vanilla may seem pretty vanilla to some people, vanilla to us is one of the most important culinary flavors of them all. Second only to saffron as the world’s most desired flavors, vanilla is rich and luxurious in nature with a flavor that varies significantly from one region to the next. The main varieties of vanilla beans… Continue reading →

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