Cardboard Shreds: Benefits + Uses

If you’ve ever ordered products from us, you may have noticed we use cardboard shreds to package our goods. We stay away from styrofoam packing materials because we understand how detrimental styrofoam can be to our bodies and the environment. We strive to be a clean and green company for our employees, our environment, and you! Before we go over the many ways you can use cardboard shreds, we’d like to discuss its benefits too!


Unlike styrofoam, cardboard is 100% recyclable and biodegradable! The majority of cardboard has the ability to completely degrade in as little as three months. This is environmentally awesome since styrofoam cannot be broken down at all! Styrofoam can only be recycled to make more styrofoam creating a never ending cycle and more harm to our planet. Based on our research, cardboard is a material with one of the least environmental impacts on our planet. When manufactured, emissions and CO2 levels are reduced by 60% compared to other materials. We love protecting our planet!

cardboard shreds can be recycled!


Cardboard shreds are not only better for our planet but they can be used in a lot more ways than you might think! 

  • Packaging
    • Cardboard shreds can cushion fragile items making it an ideal packaging product.
    • Using cardboard instead of styrofoam in packaging makes a difference! Consider all the packages that are delivered around the world. Now that’s a lot of packaging. And if every business used cardboard shreds instead of styrofoam, our little planet would thank us!
  • Animal bedding for pets and livestock
    • Cardboard shreds can be comfortable and fun for animals to lay on. It’s the perfect type of bedding! Use it for your cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and more!
  • Fire starters
    • You can stuff cardboard shreds into toilet paper tubes to create a fire starter. It’s great for backyard fire-pits, fireplaces, and camping!
  • Composting
    • Cardboard can be a useful material when gardening because it’s rich in carbon. The carbon helps balance the compost which improves soil quality and suppresses weeds. Learn how to compost cardboard here.


We’ve put together a video where we show you our cardboard shredding process. Happy recycling!


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