Mother’s Day Gift Set for Sleep & Relaxation

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift set can be challenging. How do you choose the best one and will mom even like the items included? 

Fortunately, Nature’s Flavors curated the perfect gift sets to help any kind mom unwind for a good night’s sleep. Making sure moms get their rest is important. Constant stress and lack of rest can really take a toll on your overall health. So, each item in our Mother’s Day gift sets includes essential oils and herbal teas to soothe the body and the mind.

Restful Nights Massage Kit

Give the gift of a restful night with the Restful Nights Massage Kit. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift set for some much needed rest. Pamper the mother figure in your life with our Deep Slumber Massage Oil. This massage oil includes chamomile and rosemary essential oils to calm down the nerves and any tight muscles. 

Turn a stressful day around by pouring Mom a cup of Vanilla Melatonin Tea, but don’t forget honey. Lastly, help mom feel their best wherever the day leads them with Nature’s Flavors relaxing Lavender Essential Oil.

Deep Slumber Massage Oil: This special blend of oils can relieve common sleep disorders like insomnia. Sandalwood and chamomile essential oils combine to create an earthy soft aroma.

Vanilla Melatonin Tea (16 Bags): This melatonin tea aids in activating sleep. Seelect Tea’s Melatonin Tea is advised before bed to help shift you from a busy day into a restful nighttime.

Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender is good for relaxation and anxiety. Give the gift of relaxation with this mother’s day set.

Sweet Relaxation Massage Kit

Show the mom in your life you care with our Sweet Relaxation Massage Kit Mother’s Day gift set created for sweet relaxation. This massage kit includes our Relaxation Stress Massage Oils to relieve tension and stress while boosting the mood. Enjoy a cup of premium Kava Kava Tea to aid anxiety, stress, and restlessness. If Mom loves baking, our high-quality vanilla extract will take their baked goods to the next level.

Relaxation Stress Massage Oil: The perfect blend of essential oils to relieve stress. Give Mom the gift of peace with this massage oil.

Kava Kava Tea (16 Bags): A warm cup of tea soothes the most-troubled mind. Kava Kava Tea elevates the mood and calms the nerves to bring peace of mind.

Organic Vanilla Extract: It’s time for a vanilla extract made from Grade-A vanilla beans because the best moms deserve the best vanilla extracts.

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