Brighten your Health with Beets

Beets aren’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, some people love them and there are others who hate them. They’re harshly judged by their dirty exteriors but beets contain many valuable and nutritious elements. Even though there are various types of beets, the reddish-purple ones are the most common amongst them all. Their prime season runs from June through October but they can usually be found all year around. It’s easy to include them throughout your diet because they’re so versatile. So with all that being said, let’s brighten your health with beets!

Aid in weight loss

  • Beets are high in fiber and low in calories
  • Low calorie vegetables have been associated with weight loss. Beets also contain high amounts of water.
  • Studies have shown that including fiber in your diet may help reduce your appetite or make you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Aid in athletic performance

  • Beets are high in nitrates.
    • Nitrates are chemicals that naturally occur in foods and they’re converted into nitric oxide when consumed.
    • Research has shown that beets raise nitric oxide levels. Higher levels of nitric oxide throughout the body can increase blood flow, strengthen muscle contraction, and improve lung function.

Helps Lower Blood Pressure

  • High blood pressure is a leading risk factor in developing a heart disease.
  • Studies have shown that a diet rich in beets may help lower blood pressure.
    • Beets contain high concentrations of nitrates. The nitrates are then converted into nitric oxide and that molecule dilates blood vessels which then causes blood pressure to drop.

Improve Digestive Health

  • Since beets are high in fiber, your digestive health improves.
  • A diet rich in fiber helps maintain bowel health and it also has the ability to normalize bowel movements.

Help Boost Immunity

  • Beets are high in copper, zinc, and vitamins A, & C. All of these nutrients help boost immunity in the body.
  • Beets also contain iron and iron is used to disperse oxygen throughout the body. It aids in keeping cells and the immune system strong and healthy.

We hope all this information gave you some insight as to how beets can be beneficial in your diet. Try including beets in your salad or your smoothie. Brighten your health with beets!

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