Lavender Oil + Your Skin

Origins of lavender

The lavender plant comes from the mint family and its been used for over 2,500 years! Many ancient civilizations, like the egyptians, used lavender for perfume and in their mummification process. Lavender grows and is harvested in places like Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean region, and India.

How is lavender oil made?

Lavender is picked out by hand and harvested from the fields. In order to prevent the lavender oil from rotting, bunches of flowers are laid out to dry for several weeks. When the flowers have dried they go through a steam distillation process. Steam distillation is the separation process of temperature sensitive materials like aromatic compounds. During the distillation process, the flower buds are placed above boiling water and the heat from the water pushes out the oil of the flowers. The steam is then pushed into a condenser where it’s cooled and turned back into liquid.

3 Ways Lavender Helps Your Skin


One of the most common reasons that acne flares up is when your skin is lacking oil. Your skin will be tricked into producing an excess amount of sebum to ‘compensate’ for the lack of oil. The overproduction of sebum often leads to acne and clogged pores. Since lavender is naturally antibacterial, it not only prevents but calms and heals acne breakouts.

Eczema and Dry Skin

Individuals who suffer from eczema will often get dry, scaly, and itchy patches of skin throughout their body. Not only is lavender oil antibacterial but it is also anti-fungal. This means that it’s anti-fungal properties help reduce inflammation and keep eczema at bay. It also has the power to balance your skin’s moisture so that it isn’t too dry or too oily.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Some research has shown that lavender oil can aid with wrinkles and fine lines. Antioxidants are needed to to fight against free radical damage, that includes wrinkles. Studies have shown that the oil aids your body in producing three of the body’s most powerful antioxidants.

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