Watch a Giant Bee Removal with The Flavor Guy

In this bee video, Bill The Flavor Guy helps a homeowner remove a massive beehive that’s been there for months!

The homeowner, Gary, had never experienced a beehive attached to the outside of his home before, “This is the first time for me.”

For caution, The Flavor guy asked Gary if the bees were aggressive and if they ever stung Gary and his wife, “Have they stung anybody, Uh other than me today?”

“Not other than you. They’ve been pretty passive,” replied the homeowner.

The Flavor Guy let Gary know how dangerous the bee removal could be without a suit. He made sure Gary stayed inside, “So, you know that there’s going to be probably a swarm of these bees flying all over the place and this will probably be the last time you see these bees again. So, that’s all right? You’re okay with it?” asked Bill.

Gary chuckled and replied, “I’m okay with that.”

The Flavor Guy was grateful for Gary giving the bees a second chance. Bees are an essential part of our food sources and local ecology. Without bees, we wouldn’t have vegetables, fruits, and nuts! As a natural flavoring and fragrance company, we heavily rely on the presence of plants, vegetables, and fruits for our products.

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