Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka Recipe

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Do you ever feel like the cocktails you’re mixing at home are lacking that extra flavor?

Fruit-flavored vodka is not only a unique twist on traditional vodka, but it’s also incredibly easy to make. When using flavor extracts, Bill The Flavor Guy, our lead flavor chemist, suggests starting off with a smaller amount when using our flavorings. You will need to test the amount of the flavor extracts to achieve the perfect strength for flavoring your recipe.

Most applications should start with .25% to 1% usage, and up to a maximum of 4% of flavor by total weight.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Start by using 1/8 tsp of Flavor Extract per 16 oz of Vodka.
  • You can always add more flavoring to your liking but it’s best to start off small.
An image showcasing a glass of clear vodka being infused with a pipette adding a few drops of extract. On the left-hand side, stands a bottle of the extract, while a spoon rests gently on a cloth beneath. The background features a clean and modern setting where blurred tree leaves create a sense of tranquility. The foreground grabs our attention, drawing us closer to what's happening within the glass.

How to Make Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka

Have you ever wondered how vodka companies flavor their liquor while still being clear? They use Flavor Extracts! Nature's Flavors Organic Flavor Extracts are best to use in beverages where you want added flavor but don’t want to disturb the color of your base.
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  • In a mason jar or in a bottle of vodka, add ⅛ tsp of Flavor Extract per 16 oz of Vodka.
  • Shake or stir and give the mixture a taste. You can always add another ⅛ tsp of flavoring to your liking but it's best to start off small
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