How to Roast Coffee Beans with a Commercial Roaster

At Nature’s Flavors, we prefer to roast our own coffee beans to better control the roast.

In this video, The Flavor Guy uses Organic Columbian Coffee beans from the El Tolima Estate. He roasts them in a Turkish roaster that’s been used for almost 25 years!

The Flavor shows you how we get our medium roast coffee.

The beans are in for about 5 minutes and checked occasionally.

The roaster has a special attachment that allows us to check the color and crack of the bean. If it’s your first time, it’s important to check it often to see when the color begins to change and the beans crack. You’ll want them to crack!

For a medium to dark roast, you’ll want the beans to crack at least twice. It doesn’t take long to hear the beautiful sound of the beans cracking away. Plus, they’ll smell incredible!

After roasting, we let the beans sit overnight to let them gas up a bit. The next day the coffee beans will be nice and ripe; ready for flavor. You can add flavors like french vanilla and hazelnut to your beans with our Flavoring for Coffee and Tea.

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