4 Infused Water Drinks You Won’t Want To Put Down

Are you one of those people who thinks water is boring? We are. Just plain old H2O is essential to everyday life, but sometimes it seems much more appealing to reach for a sugary drink than to sip on unflavored water. Luckily, we have eighteen water flavors for you to add to your drink to make it the tastiest water you’ve ever sipped.

It’s recommended as a general rule that people drink eight 8-ounces glasses of water per day. That’s a lot of water. Chances are, you’re not coming close to the amount you should be getting. Until now – you’ll want to drink this pretty and delicious water by the gallon when you add Natures Flavors Organic and Natural Spring Water to the mix.

Infused water’s all the rage – you’ll want to snap countless pictures of it before you start drinking. Perfect for picnics, on-the-go style, and your Instagram feed, your water’s never looked so good.

Why’s it good for you?

It’s not a secret that drinking enough water is good for your body. Stocking your water with beautiful fruit makes it more enticing to the eye, and makes you want to drink it. That keeps you hydrated, keeping your body healthy.

If you put the right fruits in your infusion, fruit infused water helps to keep your stomach and digestion on track. Fruits like lemon, papaya, and oranges contain enzymes that soothe the stomach. Ginger will also have the same effect and add some zing to your infused water recipes.

Detox your system with the combo of water and fruit. Drinking enough water keeps your whole body hydrated, and when you’re hydrated it enables your body to power its natural detox process. Water helps your skin, liver, and kidneys flush your body of toxins. It also keeps you feeling more full, which can prevent you from reaching for unhealthy foods.

If you really want to kick the health benefits into overdrive, sneak a little lemon into all your mixes. Lemon can help with a whole number of things, like  filling you up with vitamin C. It also helps boost your digestion by stimulating the stomach, giving you energy, and pumping antioxidants through your body.

Some rules to drink by:

You can recycle fruits. You’ve spent time cutting up and placing your fruits with care. The good news is, you can use your fruit more than once throughout the day. Keep the fruit in the bottle until the water is gone, and just fill it back up again. Every time you refill, the fruit flavor will decrease slightly, but your water will still look and taste great.

The longer it sits, the stronger it gets. With infused water, the water’s getting infused with the flavor of the fruits. So the longer the mixture has to meld together, the more powerful the fruit taste is going to be. We tested our drinks about an hour after creating them, and the flavor was mild. After a day, it was much stronger and probably not ideal for those who prefer a lighter taste.

Choose your fruit wisely. A word of caution: watch out if you have some of the more bitter fruits in your blend – we’re looking at you, grapefruit – because that flavor will start to overpower the combination. You might want to remove the peels of the fruits you’re adding if you’re particularly sensitive to bitter taste because they increase the bitterness of the overall mixture.

Quantity is up to you. We packed our bottles pretty full of fruit, because fruit is our favorite thing. You can follow along with our examples, or add more or less fruit depending on your taste preference and the size and shape of your bottle.

Save it for later. When you’ve finished your water, you can snack on the fruit inside your glass. Fruits with more structure like apples and oranges will be simple to munch on, but if you have softer fruits like raspberries or blackberries, be warned they may get slightly mushy after absorbing the water.

How to add water flavors:

Typically, we add three drops of water flavor to every eight ounces of water. However, the amount you add is totally up to you and how potent you want your water to be. The flavor water is concentrated, so adding too much will tend to make your water overpowered. With our recipes, we stayed within the range of five to fifteen drops, depending on how much water we used. 


Natures Flavors Lemon-Lime Organic Spring Water Flavor





We jam-packed this bottle with cucumbers, kumquats, strawberries, lemon, and Natures Flavors Lemon-Lime Organic Spring Water Flavor for a zesty, wake-me-up flavor to fuel your day. Slicing the lemon and the lime extra thin made it easier to stack into the bottle and more susceptible to absorbing water. For this mixture, we added about ten drops of our water flavor.



Natures Flavors Stevia Raspberry Spring Water




For a vibrant, savory drink, mix together raspberries, rosemary, and grapefruit. The rich rosemary taste helps to undercut some of the bitterness of the grapefruit. And who doesn’t love raspberry – that’s why in addition to almost the whole carton of raspberries, we added five drops of Natures Flavors Stevia Raspberry Spring Water to our infused water recipe. 


Natures Flavors Orange Organic Spring Water Flavor


Mint Leaves



A mason jar was a fitting, trendy container for our kiwis, mint leaves, kumquats, oranges, and Natures Flavors Orange Organic Spring Water Flavor. We added about five drops of our orange flavor, then filled up on kiwi and oranges. If you couldn’t tell, we love the added brightness of the kumquats, so we threw some in just for fun – and because they taste like tiny little oranges. 


Natures Flavors Organic Apple Spring Water Flavor


Mint Leaves 



Blending apples, blackberries, mint, lemon, and Natures Flavors Organic Apple Spring Water Flavor brings you a sweet and sour mix with a hint of mint. Don’t get carried away with the mint – it’s extra strong. We recommend only one or two leaves, or else the other flavors get lost in translation. We added five drops of our spring water flavor to give it an extra pop of vibrance. It’s refreshingly delicious, and just the thing to cool you down on a hot day.

Our infused water recipes made for a fun and fruit-filled day. Let us know what you make with our products – e-mail photos to socialmedia@naturesflavors for a chance to be featured on our blog or social media. 

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