How to Flavor Lip Balm Naturally

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If you are wondering how to flavor lip balm naturally, we have the solution for you. With flavoring oils for lip balm, you can select your favorite flavor and create your own lip balm in under thirty minutes and for pennies on the dollar. Using just a few simple ingredients and Nature’s Flavors lip balm flavors, you won’t have to go through tubes of expensive, unnatural lip balm anymore. The best lip balm out there is the kind you can make on your own, and it’s a lot easier to make than you’d think.

How to Store Your Lip Balm

To hold our lip balm, we picked up small bead containers at the local arts and crafts store. Relatively inexpensive and a convenient size to fit into any pocket or make-up bag, the clear plastic is the perfect way to showcase your do-it-yourself skills. For another option, you can opt to use a traditional lip balm tube, which can also be found at most arts and craft supply stores.

We have 161 lip balm flavor oils for you to choose from because we know you can never have enough lip balms. They’re great to throw in your purse, have in the car, and wherever dry lips may strike. Below, we are sharing just four flavored lip balm recipes – but you have a world of flavor at your fingertips. (Yes, we do have a cookies and cream flavored lip balm oil, in case you were wondering.)

How to Create the Lip Balm Base

Materials Needed:

Flavored Lip Balms

First, to create the base for your lip balm, you only need two simple ingredients – beeswax and coconut oil. For every part of beeswax you use, pair it with two parts of coconut oil. We used one tablespoon of beeswax for every two tablespoons of coconut oil to create a firm finish on our lip balm.

If you want a softer feel, experiment with adding more coconut oil to the lip balm mixture. Beeswax acts as the hardening agent for the lip balm, so you can play with the ratios until you get your desired consistency. Our coconut oil has a light coconut aroma, which is good to keep in mind if adding more or less coconut oil to the lip balm.

How to Heat the Beeswax

When heating the beeswax, the wax should be hot – but not boiling – in order to avoid bubbles in the lip balm. When the wax is fully fluid after melting, add the coconut oil to the beeswax. If the mixture hardens too quickly, it’s possible your beeswax was not hot enough. The two ingredients should blend together without hardening immediately. If it does harden, then it’s not the end of the world. You can throw the mix back onto the stove to warm it for several seconds.

Don’t fear if your lip balm mixture is sitting in its bead container completely fluid for a few minutes. The lip balm will begin to solidify over time. If you’re using the two-to-one ratio of coconut oil to beeswax that we used, it should take a little under ten minutes. Be sure to pour carefully – the mixture will be hot.

Once you’ve got your base for the lip balm prepared, you’re ready for the fun part: choosing your flavor! As always, flex your creative muscles as much as you’d like. We created these few guidelines to get you started with some ideas on the way to making your own flavored lip balm.

How to Flavor Homemade Lip Balm

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Basic Lip Balm Flavoring Oil Instructions

Create natural lip balms using clean ingredients that are great for your lips and the environment! The best ratio is for every part beeswax used, pair it with two parts coconut oil.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time10 minutes
Cooling Time10 minutes
Yield: 1 Flavored Lip Balm


  • Lip Balm Containers
  • Small Sauce Pan with Spout
  • Whisk or Mixing Spoon
  • Stove


  • 1 tbsp Beeswax
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1 tbsp Preferred Lip Balm Flavor Oil


  • Melt 1 tbsp of beeswax.
  • Pour 2 tbsps of coconut oil into the beeswax mixture, and stir.
  • Add your preferred flavor oil for lip balm.
  • Add any extra ingredients (oranges, petals, coffee beans).
  • Pour the hot lip balm mixture into their chosen containers, and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes.

Flavored Lip Balm Recipes for Inspiration

Nature’s Flavors Lavender Flavor Oil For Lip Balm

Lavender Flavored Lip Balm

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing scent of lavender. We wanted to bottle it up and take it with us wherever we went, so creating this lavender lip balm flavoring oil was the solution.

We picked a few sprigs of lavender and gently removed some of the petals to decorate our lip balm. Since the flowers are delicate, don’t add them directly to the hot base of the lip balm mixture to prevent them from wilting. Arrange the flowers in the lip balm container in any pattern you’d like to appear in your finished lip balm product.

Pour about one teaspoon into the base mix of two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of beeswax. The lavender scent of the lip balm flavoring oil is fairly strong, so add slowly to preference. Then, pour the wax mixture into the lip balm container, and allow it to cool.

Nature’s Flavors Coffee Flavor Oil For Lip Balm

Coffee Flavored Lip Balm

We can never get enough coffee, so it seemed like a pretty good idea to put it into a lip balm. Get your morning pick-me-up anytime your lips need a little TLC with this caffeine-studded blend of a natural flavoring oil for lip balm.

Nature's Flavors Coconut Oil and Coffee Nut Lip Balm

We ground up premium coffee beans and placed the coffee grounds directly into the base mixture of coconut oil and beeswax. Once that was mixed together, we added the coffee lip balm flavor oil. We used about one teaspoon, but the strength of the scent is up to your preference.

Before we added the lip balm flavor oil, coconut oil, coffee, and beeswax mixture to the lip balm containers, we placed a few whole beans in the containers for show. You can choose to add the beans or leave them out.

Nature’s Flavors Orange Cream Flavor Oil For Lip Balm

Orange Flavored Lip Balms

Keep your lips happy and healthy, and smell like an orange creamsicle with our orange cream lip balm flavor oil. This flavor oil for lip balm is basically allowing yourself to have dessert all the time, and there’s nothing better out there than that.

We took the peel of an orange and cut it into thin slices. We then added the slices directly into the base lip balm mixture while it was still hot. If your orange mix starts to harden before you’re able to pour it, you can put it back on the stove for a few seconds, but be careful. Overheating will cause the oranges to wilt.

Next, we incorporated the orange cream lip balm flavoring oil into the mixture. We added about two teaspoons of the oil, as the orange is more of a subtle note. If you want a stronger scent, gradually add more lip balm flavor oil until you reach the desired strength.

When the lip balm flavor oil, coconut oil, oranges, and beeswax have all been combined, it’s time to pour the combination into the container. Carefully pour the mix into the lip balm storage containers. For variety, you can add a small orange slice to the jar before you pour.

Nature’s Flavors Rose Flavor Oil For Lip Balm

Nature's Flavors Rose Flavored Lip Balm

We picked the freshest flavors to bring you anything but a garden variety lip balm. The subtle floral notes of the rose lip balm flavoring oil will make sure you’re stopping to smell the roses all day long.

We picked the smaller inner petals out of a rose. Just like the lavender, don’t put the delicate petals directly into the base wax lip balm mixture. Settle the petals into the bottom of the lip balm containers in the arrangement you’d like, and then pour the mix.

To add scent to the lip balm mix, add about a teaspoon of rose flavor oil. You can add more or less rose lip balm flavoring oil depending on the desired strength. Then, once you’ve allowed your homemade flavored lip balm to cool for the appropriate amount of time, it’s ready to use. You can apply the homemade lip balm generously to your lips.

With these natural flavoring oils for lip balm, your lips will be properly moisturized and taste delicious. See all of our carefully curated lip gloss flavoring oils, and select your favorite scent to create your own unique lip balm.

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