Avocados & Your Health

Did you know that an avocado is considered a nutrient-dense fruit and not a vegetable? We know, crazy huh! It’s considered a fruit because avocados meet all the botanical criteria for a berry. It contains delicious flesh and a seed right in its core. Avocados are not only delicious, but they’re absolutely amazing for your health!

avocados & your health

Origins of the avocado

Many researchers believe that the avocado’s motherland was in Puebla, Mexico. It’s believed that locals began consuming them 10,000 years ago! However, 5,000 years ago, Mesoamerican tribes were known to have domesticated the first avocado tree. Avocados didn’t make their way to the United States until 1833. They were found in the state of California, Florida, and Hawaii.


Avocados can help you better absorb antioxidants

Many nutrients are fat soluble and should therefore be consumed with fats so your body can better absorb them. Studies have shown that those who eat catarenoids with avocado or avocado oil, increase their nutrient absorption.

avocados & your health

Good source of fiber

The USDA recommends that women up to the age of 50 should be consuming 25 grams of fiber per day. Men should be consuming 38 grams of fiber daily. An avocado can contain about 5 grams of fiber. That’s great for a small, nutrient-dense, fibrous fruit!

Aids in lowering cholesterol

There are options that help you lower the bad cholesterol in your body that can lead to heart disease. And guess what folks? Avocados are one of those options! Studies have shown that avocados help lower LDL cholesterol while naturally raising HDL cholesterol.

avocados & your health

Loaded with heart-healthy fats

Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fats! About 77% of its calories are from fat, making them the fattiest fruits. The majority of fat in an avocado is oleic acid. Oleic acid has been associated with reducing inflammation and beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer.

They contain more potassium than bananas

That’s right friends, avocados contain more potassium than bananas! An average sized avocado, (3.5 ounces), will give you 14% of your daily recommended potassium intake. A banana will give you 10%! Research suggests that keeping a consistent high potassium intake can aid in reduced blood pressure.

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