What exactly is SweetenFX Sugar?

sweetenFX Sugar next to a coffee cup

Happy hump day everyone! It’s Wellness Wednesday today and we’re here with an article that focuses on our Organic SweetenFx Sugar-free Sugar. If you’re a regular on our blog, you may have noticed that we use a lot of SweetenFX sugar throughout our recipes. Even though we link it on most recipes, we’ve never actually discussed what it is or why we use it. Our SweetenFX Sugar-free Sugar is an all organic sweetener that can be used in beverages, baking, cereal, and even oatmeal. It’s free of synthetics and the best part of it all is that it tastes just like sugar!

What types of sugars are there?

Now, you may be wondering why you need a sweetener when there’s real sugar. It’s important to note that there are different types of sugars, there are natural sugars and added sugars. Natural sugars occur in vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. These types of sugars provide our bodies with nutrients that lead to valuable health benefits. Then there are added sugars, manufacturers add sugar to foods that contain no nutritional value. They’re a poor energy source making the body digest it too quickly.

Why are added sugars bad for me?

Did you know that on average, Americans consume 57 pounds of added sugars each year? Added sugars have zero nutritional value and can cause serious health problems. Here are a few.

Weight gain

  • Sugary foods and drinks are calorie dense and consuming too many of these goods will lead to unhealthy weight gain.
  • Even though the body digests added sugars quickly, you don’t stay full for long. This causes people to eat more often throughout the day.


  • Eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes. However, too much sugar consumption can cause weight gain and obesity is a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.

Heart Disease

sweetenFX Sugar next to a coffee cup

Why choose SweetenFX Sugar-free Sugar?

Now that we have gone over why sugar is a problem in today’s world, we can discuss why we feel so strongly about SweetenFX! SweetenFX Sugar-free Sugar is an all-natural sweetener. It’s made of Debitterized Stevia & Erythritol and it tastes like sugar! We offer it in a powdered version to use when baking and we offer it in a granular version when creating beverages. Bill The Flavor Guy, created SweetenFX after his heart attack. He wanted to create a product that was healthier than sugar but tasted just like it. SweetenFX was born!

No Bitterness

One of the special aspects about our sweetener is that it’s not bitter. Many artificial sweeteners substitute sugar but often possess bitter notes. Our blend has been formulated to taste like sugar without leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

No Cooling Effect

When consuming erythritol (another type of sugar substitute), you’ll find that your mouth will feel a ‘cooling’ effect. The ‘cooling effect’ is a chemical reaction that occurs when erythritol comes in contact with the saliva in your mouth. It feels cold because the erythritol is taking heat from your mouth to dissolve the undissolved sugar substitute. SweetenFX does not give you that cooling effect because of the way that it’s been formulated. Even though it contains erythritol, it was created to avoid that cooling effect.

Zero Calories, Zero Carbs

There are a plenty of sugar substitutes to pick from, however, many of them are packed with calories and carbs. Even though you’re cutting out the sugar, you’re replacing it with calories and carbs that are not exactly better for you. Our sugar replacement is free of calories and carbs! It’s perfect for those of you with special dietary needs.

Let’s wrap this up

A healthy diet leads to a balanced life. The over consumption of sugar is a serious crisis that the US is facing, yet, not many of us are educated on the matter. Our SweetenFX Sugar-free Sugar is an option to substitute sugar. Try it for yourself, here are of our favorite recipes using our blend!

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