DIY Natural Flavored Syrups

We’re always trying to show our customers great ways to make a fun and healthy version of products they may come across. We love to offer products you can enjoy with your family at your convenience, but we know there’s nothing like making something yourself and enjoying the fruits of your own labor.

Using an organic alcohol-free vanilla extract made in a previous video How To Make Alchohol Free Vanilla Extract, organic sugar, and good ol’ purified water, Bill made a delicious vanilla syrup that can be used in snow cones, coffee, tea, and anything else that can use a bit of added flavor.

You, too, can make any variety of flavored syrups with this simple recipe. Here’s what you’ll need:


          13.5 oz water

          1.3 lbs organic sugar

          10g flavor extract


          1. Heat water to roughly 150°F.

          2. Pour sugar into water and stir until thoroughly dissolved.

          3. Add your choice of flavoring–we used a vanilla extract, but you can choose anything you desire.

          4. Enjoy with your family and friends!

Bill decided to keep the natural caramel color of the vanilla syrup, but if you wish to add some color to really make your syrup pop, feel free to check out our Organic Food Colors and Natural Food Colors.

Remember, you can always add more extract to increase the intensity of the flavor you choose. Or not – it’s your choice. Remember, we have all these ingredients readily available to choose from, so feel free to take a look at all the choices we have; we make sure to provide all that’s naturally available. If this hasn’t made you want to make your own, and you’re starting to crave some delicious flavored syrups right now, then be sure to check out our ready-made Flavored SyrupsSnow Cone SyrupsCoffee Syrups, and more.

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