Banana Split Ice Cream in a Bag

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Bag

Happy friday everyone! Today, we have an activity that you can try with the kiddos over the weekend! We’re making Banana Split flavored Ice Cream…in a BAG! We know, it sounds absolutely bananas! It’s loads of fun and you can teach the babies a thing or two about science.

Science Behind Ice Cream in a Bag

You may be wondering how exactly you can make ice cream by using few ziplock bags. Well folks, when salt is added to ice, it lowers the ice’s melting point. It’s very similar to how when salt is added to frosty roads during the winter. In order for the ice to melt, it must absorb heat from its surroundings. The heat from the ice cream inside the ziplock bag is it’s first source. To melt, the ice contracts heat from the ice cream and this is what causes ice cream to freeze.

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Bag

Since ice cream is a compound, once all of it’s ingredients are combined, they are bounded together. These elements are chemically combined and they cannot be physically separated. In order to separate the ingredients throughout the compound, another chemical reaction would have to occur.

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Bag




  1. Begin by preparing the quart size ziplock bag. Add Nature’s Flavors Organic SweetenFX Sugar-free Sugar, half and half, Nature’s Flavors Organic Vanilla Extract, and Nature’s Flavors Banana Split Flavor Concentrate.
  2. Make sure to close the ziplock bag.
  3. Next, fill half of the gallon sized ziplock bag with ice.
  4. Add the salt to the ice.
  5. Place the quart sized bag inside the gallon sized bag and seal it.
  6. Shake, shake, shake!
  7. You’ll start to notice that ice cream will begin to form!
  8. Enjoy your Banana Split Ice Cream in a Bag!

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Banana Split Ice Cream

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