DIY Fall Blend Essential Oil Diffuser

DIY Fall blend Essential Oil Diffuser

Can we agree that one of the best things about fall are the cozy smells that come along with it? We love those cinnamon notes! Today we put together a DIY fall blend of essentials oils for your reed diffuser. With reed diffusers you don’t have to worry about fires or breathing in toxic materials from candles. We offer a wide variety of essential oils on our website so feel free to get creative!


essential oils needed to make a Fall blend Diffuser


  1. Begin by mixing the essential oils and the carrier oil in the glass container.
  2. Place the reed diffuser sticks in the container. Allow the oils to soak the end of the diffuser sticks and after a few minutes, flip the sticks.
  3. To refresh the scent, continue to flip the sticks every few days!
  4. Enjoy your DIY Fall Blend Essential Oil Diffuser!

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We’d like to know what else you’re interested in seeing from us! Feel free to leave us a comment down below, we want to create projects that you can put to use. Also, make sure to follow us on social media! You can find us @natures_flavors on instagram!

DIY Fall blend Essential Oil Diffuser

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