All Organic Banana Face Mask

organic banana face mask

We know how expensive skincare can be! Cleansers, moisturizers, toners, and masks are all very important but they can also break the bank. However, we get it, we feel you, and we’re here for you! The team at Nature’s Flavors created this delicious, moisturizing, All Organic Banana Face Mask for those of you who want to save a little cash and still have beautiful glowing skin. Let’s go over a few benefits that our ingredients offer you.



  • Rich in potassium
    • Potassium hydrates and moisturizes dehydrated skin.
  • Oil control
    • Banana is a great exfoliator, it helps get rid of excess sebum and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.
  • Promotes clear glowing skin
    • Bananas contain Vitamin A, C, and E. All of these vitamins help get moisture to your skin and clear your skin from breakouts.

Organic Sunflower Oil

  • Helps moisturize the skin
    • Sunflower oil contains emollient properties that help the skin retain moisture.
    • Vitamin E within the sunflower oil traps moisture inside the skin cells, reaching the deepest layers of the skin.
  • Helps soothe and heal skin
    • Sunflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve skin redness.
    • It can also help enhance the development of new cells.

Organic Coconut Oil

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Studies have shown that Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve pain and redness from acne.
  • Wound healing
    • Research has shown that coconut oil can speed up the process of healing in wounds.

Organic Granular Sugar

  • Natural form of glycolic acid
    • Glycolic acid can help with acne prone skin.
    • Has the ability to transfer water molecules from the air into skin tissue to help replenish moisture.
  • Gentle exfoliant
    • Helps diminish old skin cells to reveal new and healthier skin.
    • Scrubbing sugar over your skin boosts circulation to drain your lymph nodes. It then increases blood flow to your skin’s surface
ingredients needed to make an all organic banana face mask


  • Small mixing bowl
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cups
  • Fork
  • Spoon



  1. Wash your hands before handling your face mask.
  2. In a small mixing bowl, mash one banana using a fork.
  3. Once the banana has been mashed, add in Nature’s Flavors Organic Granular Sugar, Nature’s Flavors Organic Sunflower Oil, Nature’s Flavors Organic Coconut Oil, and the organic honey.
  4. Mix until everything is well combined.
  5. Before applying it your face, we recommend washing your hands one more time to ensure that your hands are clean.
  6. Start with your normal face routine, cleanse your face first before applying the face mask.
  7. Apply the All Organic Banana Mask on your face, you can even go further down to your neck if you’d like.
  8. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
  9. Wash it off with lukewarm water and finish your skin routine like normal.
organic banana face mask

*Before applying your mask, be sure to test a small area of skin first. You want to make sure that your skin can handle the mask. If the tested area burns or you feel discomfort, wash it off immediately and don’t apply it to your skin

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