Fragrances 101

Happy Friday! We hope quarantine is treating you alright, the team at Nature’s Flavors is sending good vibes to you all! Let’s get right into today’s topic, fragrances 101! As you know, Nature’s Flavors not only makes flavors but we also offer fragrances. In fact, we’ve been creating flavors and fragrances for over 35 years! Our menu of fragrances can be overwhelming but we are here to help you break it down.

Nature’s Flavors offers three main types of fragrances. They all cater to different applications, it really just depends on what you are searching for. We offer fragrance oils that are oil soluble, fragrance oils that are alcohol soluble, fragrance powders, and fragrance emulsions. Now, you may be wondering what the heck all these are! Well friends, let’s dive in.

Fragrance Oils (Oil Soluble)

Fragrance oils that are oil soluble are exactly what they sound like. If you use a Nature’s Flavors fragrance oil that is oil soluble, you can expect it to dissolve into your mixture without a hassle. You wouldn’t want to use an oil with a water based product. Oil and water don’t mix! Customers who purchase oil soluble fragrance oils are usually creating oil based beauty products like body butters and moisturizers.


  • Use oil soluble fragrance oils with oil based products!

Fragrance Oils (Alcohol Soluble)

Alcohol soluble fragrance oils are used with alcohol based products. You want to match the base of your product with the fragrance that you decide to use. Products like hand sanitizer, perfume, and house cleaner, usually have an alcohol base and use alcohol soluble fragrance oils.


  • If your product is alcohol based and you want to add a scent to it, use an alcohol soluble fragrance oil.
fragrances 101

Fragrance Powders

Fragrance powders are used for products like bath bombs, body powders, and powdered body glitter. You wouldn’t want to mix a fragrance powder with oil because your mixture will become paste-like. It’s really all about preference. If you were making a bath bomb, you could add in your fragrance oil/emulsion while your mixture is still wet. But if you prefer to keep your base and your fragrance powder the same, that’s okay too! You’re going to have to experiment to figure out what works best for you and your product.


  • Powders are best used with bath bombs, body powders, and powdered body glitter.
fragrances 101

Fragrance Emulsions

Fragrance emulsions are often used with water based products like gel body wash, soap, and diy detergents. You could use an alcohol soluble fragrance oil but some customers want to avoid adding alcohol into their product. If that is the situation, an emulsion is your solution!


  • Use emulsions on water based products!
fragrances 101

Things to remember!

  • Our fragrance oils, powders, and emulsions are NOT edible.
  • We always recommend to spot test first!

We hope this Fragrances 101 article helps you throughout your craft! We are always here to help you with any questions you may have, our team is just a phone call or an email away. Happy Friday!

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