Rambutan – An Exotic Fruit

What is it?

This spiky red skinned fruit is a Rambutan! It is an exotic fruit that’s native to Southeast Asia. It grows in clusters and in trees that can reach up to 80 feet! Crazy right? The rambutan fruit thrives best under tropical environments like Indonesia and Malaysia. Its name is derived from the Malaysian word, ‘rambut’, which means hair. Rambutan is often compared to lychee because of its glassy white flesh. However, don’t let its spikey exterior fool you, its spikes aren’t sharp in fact, they’re pliable.



Rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Rambutans are rich in several types of vitamins and minerals.

  • Rambutans are a great source of fiber. A healthy fiber intake is crucial for gut health.
  • They are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C is responsible for protecting your body against cell damage.
  • You can also find copper in rambutans. Copper aids in the growth and maintenance of cells throughout your body, like your brain, bones, and your heart.

Aids in healthy digestion

Since rambutans are a good source of fiber, they promote a healthy digestive system.

  • Research shows that about half of the fiber that is found in Rambutan is considered insoluble fiber.
    • Insoluble fiber helps speed up the intestinal transit of your stool which then reduces the chance of constipation.

May aid in weight loss

Rambutans are usually only about 75 calories!

  • Since rambutans contain fiber, it may help you feel fuller for longer periods of time.
    • Feeling fuller will reduce the chance of overeating which may then cause weight loss over time.
  • The soluble fiber that’s within the fruit dissolves in water and it creates a gel-like substance in your gut.
    • This slows down your digestion and the absorption of nutrients.
    • It can also lead to you feeling fuller and not having a large appetite.

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